The smoothie is made for the entire day. How much you eat at one sitting will determine how much to make (4.5 cups is made each day because three 1.5 portions will be eaten during the day)

Here are the ingredients that are used in every smoothie – Protein powder (GNC pro performance bulk 1340 vanilla is what is being used currently, it dissolves in liquids very well) and peanut butter.

There are also 2-3 fruits and vegetables added to the smoothie. Vegetables usually need to be cooked for them to blend up well. Try to use fruits without little seeds as they can get stuck. Skins on fruits and vegetable are usually peeled off for ease of blending. Here are some common ones added – banana, avocado, spinach, oranges, blueberries (blend well), sweet potato, carrots, squash, apple, tomato, cantaloupe, pear. Use whatever is in season or frozen works well too. Defrost frozen fruits and vegetables to make blending easier. We don’t use things like broccoli and cauliflower because they cause heartburn.

The liquids used are 100% juice such as Naked brand kale blazer, carrot juice, and tomato juice. Also used are soy or coconut milk and coconut water.

It’s important to get a thin enough consistency to easily go through the extension set.

A regular blender will not work well. We use a Ninja and it works great. You need one that will really break up the fruits and vegetables.

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