This Is Us (Swantourage)

We used to watch Network TV.  Those were the days. Turn on a favorite show and fast forward through the commercials.  Always trying to keep in pace with the rest of the family to avoid spoiler conversations at the dinner table.  Now we binge on Netflix after our terror of a 2 year old is passed out from her cyclone of destruction. As we fit 3 episodes of a show into our hour block of quality time, we too try not to pass out ourselves.  One of our favorite shows was This is Us. Just try to get through an episode without bawling your eyes out...I dare you. It was real, it was raw. It tackles issues that not everyone has went through, but still remains so relatable, you swear you know each and everyone of the characters.  My father-in-law could never remember the name of it, and once referred to it as Here We Go. It stuck as an inside joke with us for years.

This show reminds me that every family is unique in it’s story.  We all experience love and loss, highs and lows. We all fall down.  If I were to put my own families’ story out there, what would it look like to you?  You probably wouldn’t relate to a lot of it. Forgetting a feeding tube when you go to the restaurant or trying not to shock yourself (again) when plugging in your husband isn’t the most relatable story.  However, This Is Us...literally. Over the course of the next two weeks, I want to share with you our story of love and loss, our ups and downs. Let this series illustrate that even though we are all different, deep down we are all the same.  So, as Ken might say...Here We Go

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