I have always been a movie guy. As long as I can remember, the entire movie-going experience has been a source of excitement and escapism. When I lived in New York I had a Saturday morning ritual: 1 medium coffee – milk and sugar and 1 chocolate glazed donut from a little known bakery on 2nd Avenue called Dunkin’ Donuts, followed by a solo trip to the movies. In a city where your office, your commute, and even your apartment are crowded, the movie theater offered a 2.5 hour vacation that was a hell of a lot cheaper than The Hamptons.

These days I take fewer trips to the movies, but don’t we all? It is so easy now to see any movie you want from the comfort of your own couch. Everyone has Netflix/Red Box/Amazon Instant/Hulu/OnDemand/Etc. but we lose something without the ceremony of the theater. The tearing of the ticket stub and buttery popcorn…the previews! God, I LOVE the second a preview ends. We immediately turn to our movie-going partner and give an instant thumbs up/thumbs down critique.

As temperatures rise throughout the country every July and August, millions flock to the ice cold theater to catch the summer’s biggest blockbusters. A staple of any summer movie list includes at least a few sequels. We love sequels. We already know the characters and we have a vested interest in their future.

Last year’s Ice Bucket Challenge became a worldwide box office smash. It was The Blair Witch Project of the charitable giving world (The Blair Witch Project was made for approximately $60,000 and grossed almost $250 million). We may never surpass last year’s financial success, but that doesn’t mean we are not going to try our best! After all, the sequel is never quite as good as the original…with the exception of The Godfather Part II.

I’ll be honest, when our team at A Life Story Foundation started discussing this year’s Ice Bucket Challenge, we had a couple naysayers. “It will never happen” and “It won’t be cool again” floated around the conference table until we were inspired by the ‘Summer of Sequels’. The more we talked, the more we realized that some of our favorite movies of all-time were sequels. And thus was born, Ice Bucket Challenge II – The Sequel.

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