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ALS.net is dedicated to funding research to cure ALS. It is made up of affiliates like A Life Story Foundation, that work together, connect together, tell their stories and drive charitable support directly to ALS research at the ALS Therapy Development Institute.


The ALS Therapy Development Institute and its scientists actively discover and develop effective treatments for ALS. It is the world’s first and largest nonprofit biotech focused 100 percent on ALS research. The Institute understands that every second counts. And they aren’t wasting any valuable time. This year, they are investing in new technologies, new partnerships, and continuing to make decisions with a single goal in mind: discovering and developing new treatments to end ALS as quickly as possible. They do this for people living with this disease today and their families- for people like Kevin Swan and the A Life Story Foundation, who have proven their passion and commitment to our shared mission through their generous support.


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Learn more about what ALS.net and its affiliates are doing in the fight to end ALS. Also, check out news specific to the ALS Therapy Development Institute – its partnerships, research programs and commentary on ALS-specific topics.

Precision Medicine in ALS

In 2014, the ALS Therapy Development Institute introduced “PMP,” the world’s first precision medicine program in ALS. The goal of the program is to identify subtypes of ALS and discover and advance into clinical trial specific treatments for each. This year, The Institute will enroll the 300th patientinprogram, create stem cell lines from all patients, determine subtypes of ALS patients and share all findings with patients enrolled. Learn more.



Clinical Trials

With no cure or effective treatments currently available to slow or stop the disease, many people with ALS participate in clinical trials. The Institute provides comprehensive and unbiased information about clinical trials in ALS taking place worldwide. See the clinical trial listing, updated daily, provided by ALS.net.

ALS Forum

The purpose of the ALS forum at the ALS Therapy Development Institute is to exchange information about ALS, scientific advances in ALS, and treatments for ALS. Forum members include people living with ALS today as well as their care providers, family members, friends, neurologists as well as neurodegenerative disease researchers and pharmaceutical executives.




ALS is a complex disease and those diagnosed along with their families are likely to interact with a number of different medical experts and support systems along the way. UREVIEW™ is a tool for people with ALS and their care providers to find those resources, such as neurologists, clinics and support groups, nearest them. In addition to locating resources, UREVIEW™ allows users to rate those resources and to enter comments.

A Life Story Foundation is committed to helping ALS.net and the Institute in achieving its mission. Together, with your help, we will Rewrite the End of ALS.

A Life Story Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization.


A Life Story Foundation’s mission is to raise awareness, innovate and implement new education and outreach programs, and create action to discover effective treatments, and ultimately a cure for ALS.



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